Young Carers

Spurgeons Young Carers In Wiltshire provide support for Young Carers up to the age of 18.

We help Young Carers who are involved in the practical and/or emotional care of parents/siblings or other family members.

Spurgeons young carers in Wiltshire will give you someone to talk to, help you understand what is different about the person you help look after and give you the chance to meet other young carers in similar situations so you don’t feel alone.

We can also talk to your teachers, help if you are having problems at school, or find ways to help you cope when you feel angry, stressed or worried.

Am I a Young Carer?

If your mum, dad, brother, sister or someone at home has a disability or illness which means you help look after them or make sure they are safe, then you could be a young carer. You may help with making drinks or snacks, cleaning and tidying, or by talking to them and keeping them company. You may feel you miss out because you have to look after your parent or another adult. Or your life may be different because your mum or dad takes a lot of time to look after your brother or sister.

How do I get help?

Talk to someone you trust about whether you may be a young carer. This could be a parent, relative or a teacher at school. Show them this website and ask them to talk to us to see if we can help. Always talk to someone if you are worried or upset. There is always someone who can help.

How will you help me?

This is something we will talk to you about to see how you are feeling. We may be able to help you understand more about the condition of you mum, dad, brother or sister. There may be things we can do to help you cope with being a young carer, if you are having problem at school or need someone you can talk to because you feel upset, angry or worried.

We want you to see that you are not the only one and you are not alone.

I think I am a young carer, can I make a referral for myself?

If you are under the age of 18 years then we usually need parental permission for you to be able to join our service. Ask your parent/carer to get in touch. Or talk to someone you trust and ask them to contact us to see how we can help you. This could be another adult, teacher or tutor. Always talk to someone if you have any worries or concerns.

Can you help me get more help for the person I look after?

A Support Worker will arrange to meet with you for a chat about your caring at home and how we can best support you; this may mean that we contact other services that can also help you and the person you look after.

Can you help with problems at School or College?

Yes, we can speak to your teachers or to college if you are having difficulties with homework or keeping up with coursework, are experiencing bullying because you are a young carer, worrying about home when you are at school, or feeling tired and stressed.

There are mechanisms which can be put in place to help you, for example a time-out system for the bad times when you can’t cope, a system to call home when you are worried about the person you look after, or a named teacher you can talk to about your worries.

What we do

  • A range of groups, activities and events for you to access across Wiltshire
  • Training workshops e.g. cooking, first aid and help to build self esteem and confidence
  • Help to access other services including adult services for young carers aged 16+
  • Information & advice
  • Extra one to one support including counselling and mentoring
  • Young carers newsletter twice a year

From 1 April 2018, assessment of carers aged under 18 will be led and coordinated by Wiltshire Council children’s services, with breaks and activities available through Carer Support Wiltshire where appropriate.

Get in touch

Call or email us to get in touch and find out how we could help you

Contact details:

Telephone 01225 282123

Email sycwadmin@spurgeons.org

Post Spurgeons Young Carers in Wiltshire
C/O Longfield Children’s Centre
Broadcloth Lane
BA14 7HE

Make a referral:

We accept referrals from professionals to our service. If a parent would like to make a referral, please call the office and we’ll be able to help you approach professionals to complete the form on your behalf.

Contact us on 01225 282123 to have any questions answered.

More support and advice


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