SpurgeonsYC has helped hundreds of young carers Here are some of their stories

Being a young carer: Izzie's Story

The Young Journalist Academy interview Izzie about what life is like as a young carer

Video Courtesy of the Young Journalist Academy

I really enjoy going to the after school activity club every day. We play lots of fun games, and I get to meet up with my friends. James, Aged 11

Fatmah's story

I became a young carer a while ago when my mum became ill and my dad lost his legs. My mum has been very ill for around 18 years now, she suffers from insomnia, depression, diabetes, angina, acute migraines, and fibromyalgia and had a part stroke which has left her unable to use her right hand.

I do a lot of things for my mum, including making her breakfast in the morning, checking her sugar levels, checking her blood pressure, doing her hair, and sometimes making dinner. I don’t mind doing things for my mum because now she is not as well as she was when my brother and sisters were young. I know that my sister is there to help me but sometimes I feel like it’s just me looking after my mum because she is mostly at college. I know my mum appreciates all I do because she knows that whenever she needs me I’m right by her side.

I used to care for my dad too who was disabled. He lost both his legs a while back but he died two years ago. After a while I got offered support by Spurgeons and it helps a lot. Spurgeons helped me to slip away from the real world for a little while and discover something new.

Sometimes when I’m at school I feel a little nervous because I am worried about my mum and if she is okay.

Now I’m looking after my mum I feel like I have missed out on a lot like when my siblings were young my mum was able to play with them. All I know is my mum being ill, but it’s not her fault she does not choose to be like this.

Thanks to all people who donate to Spurgeons. What you are doing is life changing, even the smallest donation makes a difference. Thanks to all Spurgeons staff without you I don’t know if I would be where I am today and to all the other young carers out there keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing great!

Yours truly: Fatmah

Just another day

This Christmas, Spurgeons, has produced a campaign video that shares a more thought provoking Christmas message this festive season.

For thousands of children and young people this year, Christmas will be Just Another Day

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Being a young carer is hard. There are days when you feel so insignificant that it can be a very lonely experience. Being part of the service allows me to meet other young carers who feel the same. We have our own support network. No one asks questions, there is that mutual understanding that everyone struggles at times with being a young carer. The young carers service has made it easier for me to deal with being a young carer. Michelle, Aged 16, Wiltshire

Victoria's story

Victoria, 12, has been a carer for the past six years since her mother Gail was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Following an operation to remove the tumour, Gail was left blind, disabled and needing to be fed through a tube in her abdomen.

Victoria's father is away from their Bedford home a lot because of his work as a lorry driver, leaving her largely responsible for helping her mother to wash, dress and go to the toilet. She also prepares her mum's food and a complex cocktail of medications that are administered through a tube up to four times a day.